In 8th grade, my mom made me enter into a photo contest...and I won! I would like to say that since then it's always been in my life, but I'd be lying. Throughout high school and the beginning of college, I had an off and on relationship with the camera. I had taken film photography in high school, then some beginner classes in college, but it wasn't until my mid sophomore year of college when I got a job at my university as a photographer where I started to take it more seriously.

During that time, I was experimenting with ALL aspects of photography. Landscape, night photography, portraiture, product, events, literally everything! Since graduating, I've worked for portrait studios, start up companies, and have had Katelyn Bell Photo throughout all of it. In 2018, I took the first big step and started shooting and working for myself full time!

The whole point of me telling you this is to say.. WE ALL START SOMEWHERE. There's not ONE mentor or ONE class where I learned everything. It took time, I had to put in the work and be REALLY patient with myself. 

we all start somewhere!

my photo journey

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As of right now, I'm only offering zoom-call mentor sessions. They're a very relaxed and safe-space to ask ANY photo-related or business-related questions.

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what gear do i use?

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I'm always looking for photographers to assist me!

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