How to Download Images from Pixieset

Pixieset is an amazing photosharing software I use to send you your photos! It’s super user-friendly and you can even print your images straight from the website!

If you are a fellow photographer who wants to start using Pixieset. You don’t have to pay to sign up or use, and you can get even more storage by using THIS referral link!

Please be sure to SAVE YOUR IMAGES somewhere else (i.e. iCloud, Hard Drive, USB, CD) once they’re downloaded. Your images will only be up there from 6 months to a year after your session.


If you decide to print on your own, PLEASE be sure to download them on your desktop and then send those images to your printer. The software recognizes what type of device is being used to download them. So, by downloading them on your desktop/computer, they will be downloaded in the higher resolution which will make for better quality prints.

If you download them on your phone, and then send them to the printer from your phone, they will be in a very low and poor quality and the prints will not turn out as well.


If you want to download the entire collection, you simply click on the Download icon shown at the top right of the Gallery view.

For Single Photo Download, you can either hover over the photo and click the Download button while it’s still in gallery viewing mode

OR you can click the image you want to download and click on the Download Icon located on the individual image you would like to download.


If you do, view your gallery on a mobile device, it will look similar to this. You will need to individually select which images they wish to download. Once you have clicked on the image you wish to download, simply click on the download icon to begin downloading the image.

Once you’ve click the Download Icon, the image will open in a new window, simply select OK to move on. Then they will hold, or press down on the image on your phone, until the Save Image message box appears.

Once you’ve clicked Save Image, the image will be saved directly to your mobile device’s camera roll. You can continue this process for every other image you wish to download,

Note: it is not currently possible to allow the full Collection to be downloaded to a mobile device; any full Gallery or multi-image downloads must be completed using a desktop or laptop computer.



If we have done multiple sessions (i.e. engagements, bridals/first look session, and the wedding day) then your images will be organized into multiple categories that you can see below the banner image on the left side below 

On your mobile device, those categories will be in the menu (the three lines on the right-hand side)

Depending on your collection settings, you may be asked to enter your e-mail along with a 4 digit code. That code will be in your original e-mail.

If you decide to download all of them, you may be given these options

You will have the chance to select the Sets they would like to Download (if applicable), and also choose the Download Size. You can always come back to this page at a later time, and select another size or more Sets to Download.

Here’s an explanation of the different sizes straight from Pixieset

Web Size

Web Size versions of the image are available in 3 resolutions: 640px, 1024px, and 2048px on the width. The Web Size files are much smaller and therefore are faster to download and upload. They are ideal for sharing on Social Media or for quick viewing. If your client will be sharing their photos on Facebook, the 2048px is the optimum resolution as it is the widest pixel width that Facebook will allow.
The 2048px width is only available for Collections created after August 2nd, 2016. All Collections from before that date will not have this option available.

High Resolution

High Resolution photos are 3600px on the long edge. They can typically be used to print photos up to poster size canvases (though this will depend on the original file size), and are more than sufficient for web use. Our goal is to optimize the file delivery process and make file storage easier for your clients; with High Resolution photos, your clients are able to obtain high quality images while enjoying a much faster download experience with files that are easier to manage.


Original images are, as the name suggests, the original files exactly as you uploaded them. This will provide your clients with the full resolution files you have uploaded, without any compression or resizing. These files take up more space, and will take much longer to download.



Download Sizes



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